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Mioca & Equus Pavonis
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Icogan Warmblood Import - CURRENTLY ON HOLD
Read this journal for everything important:

Liver Chestnut Icogan Designs (random) by SweetLittleVampire Some  random Friesicogan-designs by SweetLittleVampire Random Gradient Icogan Designs by SweetLittleVampire

Any gender, any age (foals or adults)
Any type (Icogan, Micogan, Picogan)
Any available bodytype

Please refer to the Icogan breedsheet for further information:
Or have a look in the “Featured” folder of IcoganWarmblood to find the whole sheet.

Type (Micogan, Picogan, Icogan):
Build (Arabian, Andalusian, Warmblood, Friesian or other) :
Color (coat) :
Color (Markings) :

Can also be paid with a head shot (of one of my Icogans) instead.
PCH Mare Import - Common - CURRENTLY ON HOLD
Parisian Cabaret Mare Import – Common

Read this journal for everything important:

PCH Commons by SweetLittleVampire

Mares only.

Possible colors:

- black
- chestnut
- bay
- grey (on bay, black and chestnut base)
- silver
- sabino

In every variation and combination.
Colors that are not listed are not allowed on common PCHs and thus not up to discussion.


Coat color:
Possible genotype: (if you have already one)
Feather, Marking,Glass color: (2 colors)
Facial and leg markings:
Other things: (complex, medium or simple eye markings, preference of eye color *,ect.)

* can be choosen from the two colors for markings, feather and lead glass.
** possibility to get a sparkling hair strain will be rolled randomly, if you don't want one please state so.

Can´t afford 200 :points: but still dreaming of getting a PCH?

I also accept art (only) or art + :points: payment.

Art price:

2 Fullbody pictures (colored with bg and shading) + 1 headshot of one of my own PCH

Art and :points: price:

1 fullbody picture (colored and shaded with bg) + 100 :points:

*Still too expensive? Just send a note maybe we can work something out.


The White Wolf

The White Wolf by SweetLittleVampire

One of the artworks Im most proud of. :heart:
Hes a character from an independent roleplay Im currently doing with :icondatnachtmaehre:

Hes actually her character, and his personality is explained in the artists comments.

Id love to know what you think about my visual representation. :love:


Gifts for me!

Commission Kitty by PuniNeko-Chan

My Kuroshitsuji OC Kitty, drawn by the marvellous PuniNeko-Chan and commissioned by the lovely HinataFox790 :heart:
I find myself being busy enough with two adult Cavittos, so I´m seeking a new home for one of my two Cavitto girls.

This is your chance to win

LFS Louloúdia 1176

Daughter of the Wind by SweetLittleVampire

see her reference sheet here.

I don´t think you can change her name (though you can drop the LFS), but you can obviously tweak her personality.
Once I´ve picked a winner I will send the ownership transfer note so she can be fully yours.
I might move all of her pictures to my scrapbook later, but I will keep them up for Veratis purposes.

What you need to know about her:

  • She´s a mare, obviously
  • Her name means "flowers"
  • Her parents are both starter Cavittos (so she has short lineage)

  • She´s a sooty chestnut sabino splash (ee Aa nSty SbSb nSpl nEgr)
  • Her breeding slots are all unused
  • She has not chosen her path yet, which means her story is all up to you. :3

What you need to do to enter (aka the rules)

  • Draw me a picture of Lou when you first meet her. Either you train with her, or you go for a ride with her, or watch her on the pasture, or observe her while making magic. It´s up to you!
  • There doesn´t have to be a rider/handler on the picture, but if you want to include one, go for it.
  • Add a small story! You don´t need to write a novel; a few sentences are enough. Unless you want to write a novel, that is. :D
  • This auction will be effort-based. I need to see that you really want the horse and are willing to take care of it, and not let it collect dust on your account.
  • State whether you used a reference or not. Referencing and tracing are both allowed, as long as you credit the stock picture you used. Uncredited art will be disqualified
  • Premade linearts are not allowed for this auction.
  • This is an art auction! Don´t make me :points: offers! I won her in a contest, so I won´t ask money for her either.
  • Police ALL THE BID PICTURES FOR THIS AUCTION ARE NOT TO BE REMOVED FROM YOUR GALLERIES, EVEN IF YOU DO NOT WIN THE HORSE. This is because it helps her to get Veratis points, and the more points she gets, the faster she can level up, and the more awesome stuff you can do with her. So please, be a good sport.

Who can enter this contest?

  • Every newbie who is looking for their first Cavitto (remember you have to be a group member to own one; find the breed member rules here)
  • Every Cavitto owner who owns not more than one Cavitto (I will check)
  • Please understand that newbies have priority though. ;)
  • Traditional AND digital artists are both welcome to enter.

How to enter:

  • Write a comment under this journal, including a link to your finished entry. I will collect them in a featured comment to keep track of them.
  • Feel free to ask if you have questions.

Deadline will be March 31st, 2015, 23:59 / 11:59 PM CET (Central European Time; use this site to see what time this might be in your time zone ).

After the deadline I will need two or three days to evaluate who will win. I will try to explain my choice as thoroughly as possible, and feel free to contact me should there be any doubts.

Happy bidding! :D

:iconcavitto: © Cloudrunner64


SweetLittleVampire's Profile Picture
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art

Info: The folder icon base for those I use as gallery icons has been made by StickieBun13 . You can find it here:

Sweet. That´s me. :wave:

Hobbit-sized cupcake maker. Poney drawer. Fanart creator. Occasional rant writer. Member of the Fellowship of the Moria Cupcake. Proud Hiddlestoner and member of Loki´s Army. Sometimes runs around as magenta-haired maid. Sucker for literature. English and Sociology student. Tea and coffee drinker. Strawberry addict. Movies lover. Creepy hidden object games player. Fairy dust hoarder. Prank player. Poetry and short stories writer. Funky earrings wearer. Rainbow lover. Ringbearer.

…hang on, that was someone else who was about my size… :o

I love music. A lot. Weird stuff, funky stuff, romantic stuff...the genre, the band or the era do not matter to me, as long as I like it.

I am a passionate fan. If I really like something, it´s probable that I´ll do fanart for it, sooner or later. Sherlockian, Black Butlerist, Loki worshipper, Squad member, Trekkie, Potterhead, Sailor Senshi, X-Files addict - and much much more.

Got questions? Ask away, my lovelies! :heart:

Games question - I´ve never played Assassin´s Creed (the first one) but I´m very interested in it.. 

30 deviants said :nod: Play it, it´s great!
6 deviants said :shrug: It´s good but might be a bit difficult if you´re a casual gamer
3 deviants said Thanks! :heart:
2 deviants said :no: Don´t waste your money on it.
No deviants said :? Thoughts? Experiences? [comment please]

Stamps Stampede! :D

My lovely :icondatnachtmaehre:DatNachtmaehre :heart:

Daisypath Anniversary tickers


Luxembourg- Language Level: Expert by heiicho BT EN Language Level stamp4 by Faeth-design Stamp: German Language Expert by MafiaVamp French lang 1 by Faeth-design Spanish lang3 by Faeth-design


Official Licenced Card - PCH - Forsyth - Baroqueur by SweetLittleVampire Icogan Warmblood - Designer Licence by SweetLittleVampire

Advent Calendar - Door 7 SweetLittleVampire by Auldale Team Armand by MomoCullen


Luxembourg flag by Ehsan-m Stamp Luxembourg by RevenNiaga STAMP: Glasses by Emotikonz Photoshop Stamp by mushir Wacom User Stamp by Dei-bon So Many Books by LaPurr Background Music by Skylark-93 ::Insomniac Stamp:: by Sora05 I Love Strawberries Stamp by Annortha Mango Stamp by happy-gurl Tea AND Coffee Stamp by AustraliumSiren I love pasta by Claire-stamps I love Shetland Sheepdogs by WishmasterAlchemist I love Kitties by WishmasterAlchemist I love Horses by WishmasterAlchemist I love Friesians by WishmasterAlchemist Skiploom Love Stamp by Nukeleer pluto:STAMP: by XxdarknayruxX I Love My DS by debureturns Nerdy Girlfriend Stamp by Experiment720 I'm a Lesbian So What by Zinnia-Aster I'm Just ME So What by Zinnia-Aster LGBT Stamp No. 2 by strawberry-hunter Religion stamp... by DarthzeroProductions Why? stamp by aftersunsets Friends stamp by Meddle689 Dont need to be popular Stamp by DragoN-FX I Love Bath Time Stamp by Sky-Yoshi I love Rainbows - Stamp by r0se-designs Iheartprettyrainbows by xXMandy20Xx I Heart Cupcakes stamp by smilekeeper DREAM ALIVE by emocx


Kuroshitsuji Stamp by Krisderp Kuroshitsuji II Stamp by Krisderp lol kuroshitsuji stamp by Neji-x-Hyuuga Let's take a photo! {Kuroshitsuji Stamp} by SilkyBunny Kuro: Grell stamp by Kaze-yo Kuroshitsuji: Grell Booty Call by Alaenakins Kuroshitsuji: Break It Down by Alaenakins Kuroshitsuji: Will T Spears by Alaenakins Sebastian's Knives by Alaenakins William x Grell Stamp by cleo-kitten Alois Stamp 2 by cakoir Alois Trancy by Kittybaka-chan Alois x Ciel Stamp 5 by cakoir Ciel in Wonderland Stamp by Vexic929

Sailor Moon is Still Awesome by tennyocelestia Sailor Saturn Stamp by Dinosaur-Ryuzako Sailor Pluto Stamp by Dinosaur-Ryuzako Sailor Neptune Stamp by Dinosaur-Ryuzako

Crusnik Stamp by chicken-on-a-chain TB Stamp 3 by German-Blood by xXTrinityBloodClubXx Vampire of Vampires - Stamp by Vyrrawxja Hugue Stamp by tsunamithedemon TrinB: Seth stamp oo1 by Kaze-yo

Team Lestat by marizella Lestat x Louis by clio-mokona

I Support Crimson Spell Stamp by pervyLilithGplz

Star Trek stamp by JediSenshi Star Trek fan by Sedma Stamp 03 by MasterPlanner Data Stamp by Lemming-Of-The-BDA Captain Janeway + Coffee by LaurenIsDreaming Janeway Stamp by Anglu

The Hobbit by clio-mokona A Hobbit by Maylar Hobbit at Heart by eniap Fili and Kili Stamp by forstyy Thorin Stamp by Adraowen Thorin and Bilbo by clio-mokona

Sherlock by 1stClassStamps Sherlock Holmes by 1stClassStamps John Watson by 1stClassStamps SH Sherlock and John Laughing Stamp by TwilightProwler SH Happy Holmes Stamp by TwilightProwler SH Cap or Death Frisbee Stamp by TwilightProwler SH Sherlock + John Nobody Could Stamp by TwilightProwler

Jack Fan Stamp by shadyGIFs Bunnymund Fan Stamp by shadyGIFs Sandy Fan Stamp by shadyGIFs Tooth Fan Stamp by shadyGIFs North Fan Stamp by shadyGIFs Jack Frost, Stamp by BunnyFromTheHell

Loki by Capsicles MARVEL Loki Smile Stamp by TwilightProwler Loki Oh Hi There stamp by TwilightProwler Loki stamp by MariaPereira MARVEL Loki Wink Stamp by TwilightProwler Loki Facepalm Stamp by TwilightProwler Hiddles Smile Stamp by TwilightProwler

Shingeki no Kyojin GIF Stamp by OjiKiyowo Wir sind die Jaeger stamp by psyxi0 Jean Kirschtein Stamp by DuskyDeer Wings of Liberty - SNK/Stamp by latigresadj - snk: erwin smith stamp by c-hemistry Hanji3 by dracolikesunicorns Levi by dracolikesunicorns Keep Calm and Love Levi by HeartBe


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DatNachtmaehre Featured By Owner Feb 24, 2015
Was haben fagopyrum esculentum, dolichos pruriens und clematis erecta gemeinsam?
SweetLittleVampire Featured By Owner Feb 24, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Außer dass ihr Name Latein ist? Die Juckbohne und die Clematis kannst du in der Homöopathie
gegen Juckreiz und Hautirritationen einsetzen, soweit ich weiß. Ich hab mal gehört Buchweizen soll
auch bei Hautläsionen helfen, also...ebenfalls gut für die Haut.

DatNachtmaehre Featured By Owner Feb 24, 2015
Alles sind Mittel erster Wahl für den Boy und du kriegst sie nirgendwo...

Ich muss mal in der Apotheke fragen ob man die irgendwo bestellen kann. 
SweetLittleVampire Featured By Owner Feb 24, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Gott, an den Boy hab ich gerade gar nicht gedacht...
Hier in der Stadt gibt es eine homöopathische Apotheke; sogar zwei wenn ich richtig informiert bin.
Vielleicht da?
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Jassy2012 Featured By Owner Feb 23, 2015  Hobbyist Interface Designer
PureWhite by KmyGraphic
Hello and Welcome to our group :iconangel4heart-group:

Our Stuff and me are so happy about that

:happybounce: :happybounce: :happybounce: :happybounce:

Jassy2012 Founder Hug
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