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The White Wolf

The White Wolf by SweetLittleVampire

One of the artworks Im most proud of. :heart:
Hes a character from an independent roleplay Im currently doing with :icondatnachtmaehre:

Hes actually her character, and his personality is explained in the artists comments.

Id love to know what you think about my visual representation. :love:





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OTP Question. Imagine your OTP gets separated; what would be the worst case scenario to you? 

24 deviants said One of them dies, the other has to witness/knows about it, and has to live without the other one.
22 deviants said One of them dies, the other one has no idea and keeps the rest of their life looking for them.
16 deviants said Both live, spend their lives looking for each other but never manage to find each other.
16 deviants said One of them looks for the other one only to learn that they've moved on and have a new life now.
8 deviants said One of them looks for the other one only to find out they have passed away shortly before.
3 deviants said Both die for some reason or the other.

December Update!

Sun Dec 10, 2017, 7:55 AM

((The amount of time I spent on looking for a journal skin I want to use was ridiculous. The thing is: I did learn how to code at school, so I should be able to create one for myself, in theory. Truth is: I'm absolutely useless at it, even with those fancy tutorials. Anyone doing journal skin commissions out there?))


Well helloooo! How is everybody? :D

I guess I just wanted to make a kind of general update about what's going on in my life right now, and what's to be expected from next year.

The last few months have been absolutely crazy. As some of you might now, I'm in my (hopefully!) last year of school before being unleashed unto the workforce, and yeah. The last year is the year in which the big "official" projects do come in, from like real agencies, news outlets, magazines, who ask us as a class to work with them on their projects. Which I think is insanely cool - you get to experience how this works, while still being a student, can put that onto your CV AND have a physical product - that has been published nationwide! - to add to your portfolio and show around each time you're doing a job interview. Of course there's a lot of pressure and stress involved, but hey, that's just how it goes.

We just finished our first project. There's this Luxembourgish TV and lifestyle magazine that will be turning 40 years old in 2018, and they asked us to create this 12-page special issue to celebrate their jubilee (16 pages if you count the adds in). Now 12 pages doesn't sound like much, but we had to create everything from scratch, find people to interview, dig through national archives, contact photographers, make appointments on which we could shoot...and, of course, write the articles. Which took most of the time. We're pretty much excellent at writing articles as a group, but they've been still edited and rewritten a thousand times until every single party involved was satisfied. This was utterly frustrating, but we did learn much in the process. We're extremely proud of the results, although we sense that the editor-in-chief of the magazine is still a bit sceptical. You see, readers of this magazine are a bit...old-fashioned, and our job was to bring a young, fresh twist to this special issue, all while linking it to the magazine's history. That's what we did, and every person who saw what we did told us that the kind of style we went with would be so much more pleasant and beneficial for the whole magazine than the one they're using now.

It will all depend on reader reviews. The issue will be published nationwide on January 17th, 2018. Let me know if you wanna get a glimpse of the issue once it's out. :D

As a second project we were actually supposed to do something for the government, but they did drop that project altogether. So now we'll be working on the official magazine for the bi-annual City Design Festival. Which means we will get to meet and interview top designers specialising in urban design from all around the globe and write about it. If we're lucky we could even snag an internship at the festival itself, which would be pretty cool, though that's not really the direction I'm aiming for.

We participated in yet another radio station workshop two days ago, and it was awesome! It just reminded me of how much I loved my internshp at the radio station ast year, and how much fun I have working at such a place. So I'll definetely be applying for my second mandatory internship at a few radio stations, all while keeping other options open should this not work out.

We also recorded a TV-news-style spot using a green screen. I'll have to ask the teacher if I could ge a copy of the clip; I think it would be so much fun to show it around. And we recorded a news-style thingie for the radio.

The upcoming week will be my last week of school before my Christmas vacation starts. Classes will be restarting on January 2nd, 2018. I have two reports to write, a presentation to prepare and a website wireframe to complete for January, but I should be able to get this done without putting myself under too much pressure, so I can relax a bit. God knows I need it. XD The upcoming week will be alright, I guess - I have a poem to analyse and present on Monday, which I am actually looking forward to, and then there's the Sociolinguistics exam on Wednesday, which should be fine as well. We will be visiting the National Audiovisual Center on Tuesday, where we will be able to use their film studios and shoot a few scenes, which I am looking forward to.

As for the holidays - the first week-end will be me relaxing SO FREAKING MUCH. After that I'll be in Cologne on December 19th with a classmate, and then it's already Christmas! Which I'll spend with DatNachtmaehre again this year. Yummy food, funny chats and lovely people, what's not to like? On Boxing Day I'm on official cooking duty for my mum, and I still need to find a good recipe. Any ides?

Also: There will be Christmas art. I promise. I crave Christmas art. I just need to find time to actually do it. XD

What are you up to in this lovely winter month?

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Sweet. That´s me. :wave:

Hobbit-sized cupcake maker. Poney drawer. Fanart creator. Occasional rant writer. Member of the Fellowship of the Moria Cupcake. Proud Hiddlestoner and member of Loki´s Army. Sometimes runs around as magenta-haired maid. Sucker for literature. Media Writing student. Tea and coffee drinker. Strawberry addict. Movies lover. Creepy hidden object games player. Fairy dust hoarder. Prank player. Poetry and short stories writer. Funky earrings wearer. Rainbow lover. Ringbearer.

…hang on, that was someone else who was about my size… :o

I love music. A lot. Weird stuff, funky stuff, romantic stuff...the genre, the band or the era do not matter to me, as long as I like it.

I am a passionate fan. If I really like something, it´s probable that I´ll do fanart for it, sooner or later. Sherlockian, Black Butlerist, Loki worshipper, Squad member, Trekkie, Potterhead, Sailor Senshi, X-Files addict, Ace Attorney afficionada - and much much more.

Got questions? Ask away, my lovelies! :heart:


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